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Paris Author

June Rives

Bonjour tout le monde

Welcome to Paris Author June Rives. June lived in Paris for 10 years where she got her inspiration to write novels about her beloved City of Light.

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Paris Perfect

Punkin Lowery arrives in Paris at the turn of the 21st century. Turning 50, her dreams in Texas have shattered. She hopes Paris will be her answer to a new life.

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Peril In Paris

Punkin has become Madame Punkin Lowery Aumont, the mistress of a vast wine estate. The Aumont family seems to be on the road to happiness until  Madeleine kills her former pimp.


Purgatory in Paris

The Aumont family is in flux, with the death of Jean's mother and the attempted murder of Madeleine by her lover Antoine. Click on more information for audio.

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