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Peril In Paris

Realease Date: June 21, 2019


In “Paris Perfect”, Book 1, Punkin Lowery’s life seems perfect. Turning 50 her world in Texas has collapsed with the suicide of her fiancé and the death of her cherished mother. She flees to the only place she feels safe, Paris. After an exciting affair with her married landlord, Comte de Richmond, a film maker and 10 years her junior, she meets the man of her dreams. Jean Aumont, tall and distinguished owner of Chateau Aumont in Bordeaux.

Through her activities with the American Club of Paris, she adopts a protégé, talented young artist, Madeleine Junot, age 18. The young woman, orphaned at 5, is working as a prostitute on the streets of St. Denis, a grimy suburb outside Paris. 

In an amazing set of circumstances, Punkin discovers that Jean Aumont is the father Madeleine never knew. Storm clouds begin brewing with the continued intrusion of the menacing Marcel, Madeleine’s former pimp.

As “Peril in Paris” opens, Madeleine has killed Marcel in the metro, after his abduction of her outside the Ecole des Beaux Arts. Although self-defense, she is in prison awaiting trial for murder. To add to the famille Aumont’s problems, neither Madeleine or Punkin have told Jean about Marcel’s threats, and his intention to kill them both.

With Jean blaming Punkin for all their troubles she flees to the US into the comforting arms of her best friend Suzie Gilmore. She realizes quickly she must return to France to hold her family together. The grand estate is having a bad harvest and the matriarch of the family, Giselle, a World War II survivor, is dying.

 Madeleine is released into the custody of her parents, and falls in love with a neighboring estate owner, Antoine de Monniere. He is her father’s oldest friend and 30 years her senior. The Aumonts discover that he is cheating on their daughter. Too late- Madeleine is pregnant. What will Madeleine do about the baby? Will she be sent to prison for life? And, has Antoine’s temper gotten the best of him with tragic consequences for the de Monnieres and the Aumonts?

Punkin must persevere amidst death, murder and infidelity.

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